The book takes us into the world of inspiring life stories of different people Mayita met while traveling the world and when she was questioning life's everyday truths about love, friendships, work, money and emotions. Inspiring and positive book that gives you the very essence of life as a traveler.

When Maja Novak was 22, she simply didn’t see any opportunities for mental, spiritual, or professional growth in her home country, so she decided to leave everything behind and travel down an unknown road. She became a backpacker. Since then, she has explored quite a few corners of our planet. The main characters in this book are the people she developed strong bonds with while travelling, and from whom she learned the most hidden and yet undiscovered truths about life.

The book takes us into the world of locals and other wonderful people who accepted her as one of their own by letting her become a part of their everyday life. It includes stories she experienced from the romantic Latin world of the Caribbean and Mexico, to the mysterious and culinary alluring nooks of Asia. She does not only describe encounters which arose during her work in the United States and New Zealand, but also while she was working in the world of extremely wealthy millionaires, who are indulging life on prestigious ‘beauties of the sea’. The book will give you a broader insight into the world and thoughts of different people as well as deepen your self-reflection―if you wish to do so. It will inspire you to travel and encourage you to get engaged in the things your heart is passionate about. This way, you will be able to indulge in everything you deserve in life and be proud of yourself and your achievements.

Each chapter also presents a recipe for a tasty dish or drink and a piece of advice Maja has gathered from different nutrition and healthy lifestyle practitioners. Led by her Essence along the way, she encountered a Zanzibar traditional healer, a Puerto Rican Reiki expert, the nutritionist David Wolfe, the popular Slovenian Supernutritionist, and Face Force Yoga teacher Savina Atai, as well as the mystical Taoist teacher Dušan Donko. Make sure to try out one of Maja’s recipes or consider her advice!



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This book is quite different from rest of the books. This book is full of interest for the readers. Each page is consist on beautifully written words that left a long lasting impression on our mind. I really enjoyed this book while reading with keenness. The author written words attract the lover of reading something new. The author has expressed what he wants to convey. Highly appreciated!

Reese S.

Have to say that I feel pretty close to the author of this book because of the background it offers, the reasons why it is written, and her country of birth. Definitely agree with everything and this is a book that will allow you to sit back, enjoy a nice story and feel pretty satisfied afterwards. At least that was the case for me.

Kent Horton

The book is great mixture of anecdotes from Maja’s travels, cooking recipes of healthy dishes she got familiar with on her trips, inspiring stories and life wisdom. Looking forward to read another book she wrote.

Luka Gobec

I just finished reading the first chapter. Thinking about this month made me write this review..

Every year in May so many college students graduate with no jobs and no knowledge of what they are going to do with their life.
They should think of this time as opportunity to try all the things that they want to try like the book said.

R. S.

As a traveler, I had a strong interest in this book because I think that there is so much that can be learned from other traveler’s experiences. This is an amazing book that takes the reader through an abundance of experiences and life lessons, with an emphasis on breaking boundaries, encouraging the reader to embrace the exciting, scary, life-changing, amazing experiences and set-backs that come along the way. Traveling is typically a solo experience, and I really enjoyed that this book carried the theme of solidarity while also placing an emphasis on the importance of companionship with new friends and loved-ones.

This was one (of many) of my favorite quotes from the book, which I think is such an important reminder through both the ordinary and extraordinary experiences, to us all.

“It is hard for me to accept that we always like to poke our noses into everything that is negative. And even though negativity most certainly exists in each single one of us, we forget to celebrate the positive sides that contribute to a better world.”

Rachel Boyce




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