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The Story of Anne

This post describes my encounter with a receptionist named Anne on the beautiful island of Corfu. The story shows that our passion for what we do is rewarded in the most beautiful way. Moreover, when we are helping others, our body releases the hormone oxytocin, also known as the love hormone.

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Calm and patient

Article about how after my adventurous life, all I want to be right now is calm and patient. Location: Munoz, Dominican republic.

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Traveling frees you.

Traveling broadens your horizons in a way, that you truly start to believe you can achieve anything.That you’re limitless and that borders are in your life just to remind you how strong you actually are to overcome them ALL!

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New way of seeing things.

I love this emotional moments just before I settle my horses for the next adventure. Moments, when I reminisce the good times on the road, when I feel sad for leaving my home again, but looking forward for the upcoming adventures and people I’ll meet.

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Never say goodbye to forever friends.

Traveling is a perfect way to realize which friendships and relationships are about to survive while being away from loved ones. When you let go of someone, it doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore.

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Your mountain is waiting on you!

In this article you will read about the lifestyle of a backpacker and how moving from one place to another might sound as a dream. Which is, but as well it means living a life without your family and your roots and living completely outside of your comfort zone.

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